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M1 Executive Statement

Dear M1 members,

Over the past few months, there have been statements on Social Media and within the public forum demanding change within our society at large, and specifically here within Corus. We as M1, whole heartedly support change, and want to help instill positive change going forward, as well as create a safe space for discussions and constructive criticism.

As a board, we have proudly added equity committees within M1, and have added an equity seat on our M1 board. 

We commit to the following:

• To work with Unifor to support and defend any BIPOC M1 member who has experienced racism in the workplace and to eliminate workplace racism.

• To work directly with all our employers; Corus, CHEK and CHCH to ensure that all forms of racism in the workplace are addressed and eliminated.

• To invite BIPOC Members to be a part of the planning/content for UNIFOR webinars and training that will be offered to our members.

Our equity committees are also here to provide support for members and welcome any suggestions to as to how we can better equip our team, or educate our members.

Equity committees and chair contact information

- Women’s Committee: Melinda Breda –

- Young Workers Committee – Sophia Nelson –

- LGBTQ+ Committee - Alexa Huffman -

- Aboriginal and Workers Of Colour Committee – Malika Karim –

Discussion and progress is urgently needed, as well as being allies to our BIPOC members. We must listen (really listen) and act to ensure our fellow colleagues support each other to ensure healthy and equitable workplace environments.  We are currently arranging for a UNIFOR webinar and training session to be offered to all Corus employees.  More details on where you can sign up will be passed along shortly. We are also working with the Canadian Association’s of Black Journalists to move equity issues forward.

We as your M1 pledge to you all, Union and non-Union colleagues to advocate and mediate for

fundamental structural change in our Company and our Society as a whole.

Let’s work together for everyone,

Your M1 Executive Board

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