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A Message to Media Members

I have heard from some members in the media sector, in particular journalists, who do not like our union’s involvement in politics. I am writing as a courtesy to share with you our plans to aggressively fight to stop a wave of anti-worker conservatives from taking away our rights and your jobs.

Unifor’s elected National Executive Board has decided we as a union must defend workers in all sectors.

We do not tell members how to vote but I will be speaking out against the Conservative Party.

Journalists, my own communications staff, even our Atlantic Regional Director, Lana Payne, a former journalists, have all explained to me why our union’s partisan stance makes some of you uncomfortable. I hear you. You have a job to do. Be objective and fearless in uncovering the truth with integrity. My job is to defend your jobs.

We all know that what your union says publicly does not impact your objectivity or your journalistic  integrity as media workers. Paying dues to a union does not mean you have to agree with everything your union does.

However, the fact is 250 newsrooms have closed in the last decade. Too many of you have watched your co-workers lose their jobs. Whoever gets elected in October will have a big influence as to whether you will have a job to keep doing.

Our union aggressively lobbied for the $645 million dollar rescue package for journalism. Andrew Scheer opposed this much needed aid. We continue to lobby for tax and regulatory reform to level the playing field so Facebook, Google and Amazon can stop syphoning away all the ad revenues from your employers.

Decisions made in Ottawa impact the media sector in a very serious way. They impact labour rights too. That is one of the reasons we will be running partisan ads asking workers to stand with us and stop Scheer. We will run an aggressive campaign, including television ads during the writ period asking Canadians to think twice about supporting the Scheer agenda.

Keep up the great work!

In solidarity,

Jerry Dias National President

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